The following tips will help you keep your fireplace and chimney safe and in good working order:

  • If you have a large number of fires each year and burn mostly softwoods, consider having your fireplace and chimney inspected each year. The more softwoods you burn, the greater the amount of residue buildup.
  • The hotter the fire, the less creosote buildup. Hardwoods burn hotter, so it’s a good idea to use them. Unfortunately, those same hardwoods will cost you more. Strike a compromise and burn a mix of hardwoods and softwoods. Do NOT burn paper or pine.
  • Close your damper when not using the fireplace to prevent furnace heat loss. Up to 40% of your HVAC air will go out the chimney with the damper open.
  • Keep the fire grate to the rear of firebox and directly under the flue.
  • Metal fireplaces and metal flues can have problems too. Perforations or loose connections can result in dangerous problems. If you burn a lot of fires, be sure to have your system inspected at least every other year.
  • Leave a light layer of ash in the bottom of your firebox, about 2 inches. The ashes will help insulate against damage from extreme heat.
  • Make sure your chimney has a cap/spark arrestor. A chimney cap protects your chimney from damage caused by the incursion of water from outside. Water causes more damage to the chimney that the heat of the fires! A cap also keeps birds and other small creatures out of the chimney and your home.
  • If you plan to move into a home with an existing masonry fireplace, be sure to get it inspected, either as a part of the sale or, at the very least, before you actually light a fire in it. A cursory look may not tell you whether the firebox and chimney are in satisfactory condition but a good chimney sweep can.
  • Have your chimney checked every year for safety or after any major event, like an earthquake.
  • Have your furnace and dryer vent checked annually.
  • Gas logs have come a long way in recent years. If you want the beauty and heat of a fire without the trouble and mess, consider converting to clean burning gas logs. Smokey Joe’s installs Rasmussen Gas Logs.

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