Deadly fix for a missing rain cap/spark arrestor

This is NOT how you keep the rain and small animals out of your chimney.  This is extremely dangerous if someone forgets that the chimney is blocked off and lights a fire, the smoke will come into the interior of the home, causing significant damage.

Improper installation of a spark arrestor

This is NOT a proper cap installation.

Properly installed spark arrestor

This is a properly installed, code compliant spark arrestor.  Notice how securely the spark arrestor surrounds the crown of the chimney, yet allows for sufficient air flow for drafting.  The top ‘lid’ protects the interior of the chimney from water intrusion and damage.

Bee hive inside a chimney

Top closing damper keeps out intruders of all sizes.

A spark arrestor with a top closing damper will prevent bees from building a hive in your chimney. Smokey Joe’s carries and installs top closing dampers.

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