Hire Smokey Joe for Good Luck at Your Next Wedding

Did you know that it’s good luck to see a chimney sweep on your wedding day, and most especially to shake his hand or be kissed by him? Many chimney sweeps today are still invited to weddings to help assure a good start to a happy marriage. The tradition goes back, so it is said, to a chimney sweep that lost his footing and fell from a roof. He was caught on the gutter and hanging by his foot when a young lass, whose hand was intended for another, reached through the window and pulled him in, saving his life. They fell in love and the two were later married.

Another version relates that as King George II was traveling in his carriage, the horse harnessed to the carriage was suddenly spooked.  The only person brave enough to take action and stop the horse from bolting with the carriage carrying the king was a local chimney sweep who courageously stepped in and saved the day!  King George was so grateful to the chimney sweep for saving his life that he issued a Royal Decree that all chimney sweeps were to be regarded as bearers of good luck and that chimney sweeps were to be treated with the greatest respect.  From that day forth the tradition of chimney sweeps being regarded as omens of good luck was established and this is why many couples make the choice to hire a chimney sweep to attend their wedding day.

Not many chimney sweeps carry on the tradition of top hats and tails as their standard attire these days – the topcoat tails make it difficult to climb a ladder! However, we can still be convinced to wear them for weddings, quincineras and other photo opportunities.

On the couple’s special day I will arrive in the customary chimney sweep’s top hat, coat with tails, brush and soot blackened face. I will allow plenty of time for the bride and groom as well as any guests who wish to have a photo opportunity with me.

With the power given by the Royal Decree of King George II, I will then recite a message of good luck for the future to the bride and groom and present them with a personalized certificate and a special gift.

In order to ensure good luck, make sure to hire a genuine chimney sweep!

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