Rasmussen Fire Log Sets

Rasmussen Fire Logs are considered to be among the very best gas log sets available, and we use only Rasmussen fire log sets for our customers.  Click here to see Rasmussen’s full line of gas logs, either vented or non-vented. They have the most diverse choices and flexibility of design elements, so whether your fireplace and home are ultra modern or cottage cozy, Rasmussen’s has a fire log set that is perfect for you.

Rasmussen BBQ’s

Whether you are considering replacing your old Hibachi or a larger,  free standing barbecue, consider replacing it with one of Rasmussen’s Solaire Infrared or any other of their line of stainless steel barbecues.  Rasmussen’s  has barbecues from tailgate size all the way up to  full size kitchen grills. Smokey Joe’s is an authorized Rasmussen dealer.

Chimney caps – Smokey Joe’s installs only code compliant, stainless steel chimney caps.  Not only do our caps meet all code requirements, they are beautiful and long lasting.  If your chimney requires a special size cap, we can handle that too. Call Smokey Joe’s to see a selection of the caps that are available.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors  Effective July 1, 2011 all homes in California that burn or use fossil fuels must have a Carbon monoxide detector.  Required by the Senate bill the detector must have an audible warning when carbon monoxide is detected.  It must be battery powered, or if it is plugged into an electrical outlet, it must have a battery backup.  The detector must also be certified by national testing laboratories, such as Underwriter’s Laboratories.

Top closing dampers: Not closing your damper is comparable to leaving a window in your home open during the winter.  Over time, California homes experience earthquakes, settling of the ground they are built on as well as any number of other maladies, which causes the damper inside the chimney not to close properly, which means it is not sealing the opening completely and has become less effective in keeping your HVAC treated air contained inside your home.

top closing damper will seal the chimney from the top which closes out rainwater, snow and dew as well as all of the small animals that enjoy dwelling in a chimney as well the smallest of insects (bees).  PLUS a top closing damper  will keep your air conditioned air from escaping your home in the summer months and your centrally heated air from escaping during the winter when you are not burning a fire. The energy cost savings over time more than pays for the top closing damper.

Water Repellent Treatment – Water causes over a billion dollars in damage annually in the form of staining, loss of insulation value, freeze-thaw damage, deterioration, and ultimately structural failure.

Smokey Joe’s applies a water REPELLENT that is 100% vapor permeable. It is NOT a water sealer and that difference could save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repairs because sealers can actually damage masonry.  Our repellent is a non film-forming water repellent (not water proofing) that penetrates deep enough to protect masonry from destructive water penetration while maintaining the structure’s vapor permeability.

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